Week of Rage: Contender – Alien Vs Predator

Seeing as the Rebellion sequel to Alien Vs Predator came out not so long ago, I thought I’d focus today’s contender article on Capcom’s arcade attempt at crossing over the franchises. The result is yeat another superb Streets of Rage-style beat em up.

Check out this intro and gameplay footage clip:

As with the FPS series, the marines, Aliens and Predators are clashing for dominance, this time on earth. However, you can only fight as either two classes of Predator, either hunter and warrior, or one of two marine characters, the fiestyLieutenant Kurosawa and a hulking android named Shaefer, complete with massive metallic fists and armoured exoskeleton. Each chracter has an impressive move set with directional attacks and particularly brutal throws that can be executed by jumping first before hitting the attack button.

The screen can become rammed full of Alien grunts, just perfect for letting rip with screen clearing specials and throws. It certainly falls into the fast-paced end of the beat-em-up spectrum, with so many enemies to kill, you will be hammering the controls without mercy.

Check out the below video from stage one, Notice the Warrior Predator’s heavy-hitting battle get up, complete with serrated halberd. He certainly packs a punch without falling into that ‘tough but painfully slow’ category that Max from Streets of Rage 2 slotted into.

The game is pleasantly typical of Capcom during these years, complete with chunky sprites, great music, detailed backdrops and a slick control method. If you are a fan of emulators and Streets of Rage, I can’t rate this one highly enough!


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