Drifting is a science-fiction novel from the creative minds of award-winning games journalist Dave Cook and bestselling author Matthew Drury, with cover art by Ryan Valle. Originally pitched to 2000 AD as a graphic novel, Drifting has been developed into a full-fledged novel inspired by the likes of Isaac Asimov and other legendary pioneers of the genre.

The book is out now on Kindle, as well as Kindle for iOS and Android. A deluxe hardcover release is scheduled for early January 2014. Keep checking back here for updates as and when they happen!

  • Visit the official Drifting website here.
  • Buy the book on Amazon here (Kindle, Kindle for iOS, Kindle for Android)
  • Get Drifting blogs, updates and origins here.
  • Download my original comic script that inspired our book here.
  • You can listen to the Drifting companion soundtrack in full here.
  • Read Chris O’Toole’s three-page companion comic here.




Geeknative“Fancy an original, intelligent, sci-fi book? Grab Drifting.”


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