The Week of Rage: Stage 2

Welcome to The Week of Rage Stage 2 article page. This is the second tribute to Sega’s fantastic Streets of Rage series featuring massive input from the dedicated fan community. Below you can see links to all of the articles featured throughout the week, which takes place March 15th – 21st 2010.

If you are a Sega fan, or just a retro gaming enthusiast, you will enjoy what I have lined up for this second celebration of one of the most iconic game series ever created.

Together with the fan community, we aim to show Sega just how popular this series is today and I will also be posting up a petition that Streets of creator Matthew Drury has started in favour of a fourth Streets of Rage game.

I urge you all to put your name on there so we can show Sega how loved the series is to this day.

Thank you, see you March 15th


The Week of Rage: Stage 2 Article Collection

Monday 15th March

Feature: Stage 2 Ready! – an introduction to The Week of Rage Stage 2 from Dave Cook

Feature: Beats of Rage, one of the best homebrew Streets of Rage tribute games, featuring superb SNK sprites. Developed by Senile Team

Interview: I speak with Roel at Senile Team about Beats of Rage, Rush Rush Rally Racing and the impact the game has had on the Streets of Rage homebrew community.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode One – Remember Sonic the Comic, Sega’s amazing comic from the 90’s? Well I have the full Streets of Rage comic story here for you, a new chapter each day!

Contender: Each day, I look at another game that came close to matching the genius of Streets of Rage. First up is Capcom’s superb adaptation of graphic novel Cadillacs and Dinosaurs.

Video: On day two, I will be interviewing Yuzoboy, a musician who remixes the work of Yuzo Koshiro, compsoer for many Sega games including Streets of Rage. I wllf eature one of his tracks a day throughout the Week of Rage: Stage 2

Open BoR Showcase: Team Senile created Beats of Rage, that would go on to spawn Open BoR a great open source tool that has allowed the Streets of Rage fan community to make their own side-scrolling games. First up is a re-creatation of Konami’s X-Men side scroller

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck return with another ‘Let’s play’ series. This time it’s Streets of Rage 2, a new episode each day! – Episodes 1 & 2

Tuesday 16th March

Feature: Yuzo Koshiro , legendary video game music composer and creator of the Streets of Rage soundtrack. I write about the man and his astounding work here.

Interview: I caught up with Yuzoboy, a very talented musician who has garnered a great following on the web for his remixes of Yuzo Koshiro songs together with rap, dance, pop and other styles.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode Two – What are the gang up to now?

Contender: Cowabunga! TMNT: Turtles in Time was a great side-scroller, so good in fact Konami remade it last year on Xbox Live Arcade. Where they blinded by nostalgia or is it actually as good as we remember it?

Video: Yuzoboy Song, yet another awesome track from the man himself.

Open BoR Showcase: Mortal Kombat Unlimited is a side scroller based on Midway’s gorefest. As Tekken’s Force Mode showed us, one-on-one fighters rarelytransition well into side-scrollers. How does this stack up?

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck’s Let’s Play Streets of Rage 2 – Episode 3

Wednesday 17th March

Interview: Gil Costas is creator of EvE development platform, a great tool that will allow the retro homebrew community create wonderful games full of neat special effects. I speak to the creator about his work.

Feature: EvE video demo round-up and explanations. This is a compliation of Gil’s demo videos that give a flavour of some of the superb effects possible using EvE engine.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode Three. Ready for round three?

Contender: Next up, I take a look at one of my personal favourites, The Simpsons Arcade Game. How does it fare against Streets of Rage? Has it passed the test of time or has it aged badly like the show itself?

Video: Get funky with another classic Yuzoboy Song

Open BoR Showcase: Part Castlevania-part Streets of Rage, I check out Nightslashers X on OpenBoR. Is it blood sucking or just plain suck?

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck’s Let’s Play Streets of Rage 2 – Episode  4

Thursday 18th March

Interview: I catch up with Bobi & Rosen, two Bulgarian homebrew developers currently working on a project called ‘Streets of Rage 4’ (no prizes for guessing what the game is about). I talk to them about the growing Bulgarian development scene, their latest game and their first XBLA release.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode Four

Contender: With Rebellion’s latest AvP game currently released on PS3, PC and Xbox 360, I look back at Capcom’s fantastic side scroller Aliens Vs Predator.

Video: Get in the groove with another Yuzoboy Song

Open BoR Showcase: I check out fantasy hack n’ slasger Dungeons and Dragons on OpenBoR. Spellbinding stuff!

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck’s Let’s Play Streets of Rage 2 – Episode 5

Friday 19th March

Interview: Developer of a hotly tipped project called Streets of Rage: Evolution, Sidd the Kidd knows a thing or two about Sega’s series. In fact, his homebrew game is shaping up to be a very fitting tribute to the classic games. Check it out here.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode Five – The guys are almost near the end of their mission.

Video: LEGO Streets of Rage boss battle. Brickin’ hell!

Contender: It’s a no-brainer that Final Fight was the one true contender to Streets of Rage and it spltis opinons across the boards. Sure the arcade release was fun, but the mediocre home versions water it down signifanctly. I analyse the facts here.

Video: Yuzoboy shows his awesome ninja remix powers with another ace tune

Open BoR Showcase: Now we’re talking CLASSIC Sega right here. While Nintendo played cute and colourful with NES and SNES, Mega Drive pandered to the hardened types with the excellent Splatterhouse Trilogy. Check out this great OpenBoR tribute here

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck’s Let’s Play Streets of Rage 2 – Episode 6

Saturday 20th March

Interview: Matthew Drury creator of Streets of offers a personal blog to all fans of the series. Matthew explains why the game has remained so popular and why Sega should consider a fourth title.

Feature: Streets of Rage petition. Streets of’s founder Matthew Drury set up a petition to Sega to make a new Streets of Rage game. The petition will be live on the Cookbook all throughout this week and I give reasons as to why you should sign it.

Feature: Bare Knuckle Mobile. OK well technically this IS a ‘new’ Streets of Rage game. It’s a mobile version os the first game with loads of new features. it’s not quite Streets of Rage 4, but it’s a start.

Feature: Sonic the Comic: Streets of Rage Episode Six – The finale!

Contender: Konami’s X-Men was a hulking beast of a 4-player arcade cab. it’s a superb title and one that fully deserves coverage here for being so damn enjyoable.

Video: Yuzoboy performs his magic again!

Open BoR Showcase Vampire Hunters is another Castlevania-esque Open BoR project but I’m a massive fan of the ‘vania so it can’t hurt to look at another tribute to the series. Can it?

Video: Corona180 and Scottish Duck’s Let’s play Streets of Rage 2 Episode 7

Sunday 21th March

Feature: My closing Statement. I close the Week of Rage: Stage 2 with a summary of the first week and this one, in an attempt to assess why the series has stood the test of time and the case for a new addition from Sega.

Video: Rocking Streets of Rage commercial from 1991. If this doesn’t smack of brainwashing, I don’t know what does.

Open BoR Showcase Violent Storm is what happens when you put Final Fight, Cadillacs and Dinosaurs and other beat-em-ups in a blender and hit ‘liquidise!’ It looks awesome, I’ll be keeping my eyes on this one!

Video: A final song by Yuzoboy Song

Video: The final chapter of Corona180 and Scottish Ducks’ Let’s play Streets of Rage 2: Episode 8


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