This is where I post all of my work-in-progress comic scripts, rejected pitches and art from collaborators.

Comfort Banner

Comfort: Published.
Six-page ‘Future Shock’ about a murderous soft toy and his troubled owner, as featured in issue #1 of Martin Conaghan’s ‘Overload’ compilation. Read a sampler here.

Bust Banner art
Bust: Work in progress.
30-page comic about a blackjack dealer fighting for his freedom in post-apocalyptic Texas. Think Fallout and The Walking Dead meets Gladiator. Read it as it progresses here, with art by the talented Chris O’Toole.

The Final Boss: Commissioned.
This is a new comic script I have successfully pitched and had commissioned by regular compilation Futurequake. It’s a six-pager coming at some point in 2014 and work will begin once the chosen artist moves off other projects. It’s a story of a disgraced cop who has a crippling sense of deja vu, and starts to suspect that his greatest unsolved case has something to do with it.


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