Streets of Charity 2013

Streets of rage 2


I successfully completed the 24-hour gaming marathon and with your help, managed to raise £550 for the Sick Kids Friends Foundation. The money will go towards buying new toys and video games for the children admitted to the Sick Kids Hospital, Edinburgh.

Thanks to all who donated, it was very much appreciated.


On December 14 I’ll be playing scrolling beat-em-ups for 24-hours to raise money for the Sick Kids hospital in Edinburgh. We’re talking all of the greats like Streets of Rage, Final Fight, Double Dragon, The Simpsons Arcade, Golden Axe and much more.

I’m looking to raise £500, and you can contribute over at my JustGiving Page here –

The entire 24-hour session will be broadcast on my Twitch channel, and the game roster goes as follows:

Here’s the schedule of games I’ll be playing on the day/

1) Final Fight
2) The Simpsons
3) Double Dragon
4) Alien Vs Predator
5) Golden Axe
6) Streets of Rage Remake
7) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
8) Cadillacs & Dinosaurs
9) Ninja Baseball Batman
10) X-Men
11) River City Ransom
12) Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara
13) Alien Storm
14) Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker
15) The Punisher
16) Night Slashers
17) Batman Returns
18) Streets of Rage 2 (Full run-through)

I also have some reserve games in case I get a quick game over on one of the games or have to press on due to time:

1) Captain America and the Avengers
2) Final Fight 3
3) King of the Monsters
4) Asterix

All feedback and donations are very welcome. Many, many thanks. I’ll see you on the 14th!



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