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Retrogasm: Gunstar Heroes Review

Gunstar Heroes 3

What a game. What a bloody brilliant game.

But first, let’s talk about how I’m playing it. Back in the day I used to have standalone copy of Gunstar Heroes but it – like many of my old carts, was either traded in or lost to the ravages of time. Now I have it as part of this pretty nifty four-game compilation simply called ‘Classic Collection.’

Gunstar Heroes 2

When I fired this up for the first time I was a confounded by the game select music. See if you can tell what it is:

It’s the Columns music. Weird isn’t it?

Anyway, Classic Collection is certainly a curious package, because it comes with three titles that I would regard as staples of Sega’s 16-bit stock and one oddity. Altered Beast is a fairly risible port of the company’s big arcade smash, Flicky was created by members of Sonic Team and Alex Kidd is widely regarded as one of Sega’s old school mascots, so it makes sense for these games to be included.
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Retrogasm! Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja

Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja is a curious beast, forged in the hellfires of early ’90s popular culture, where words like tubular and bodacious were being used in adverts as a way of peddling Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures to the bright-eyed children of the Saturday morning cartoon generation.

I was one of those kids, sitting there watching Phillip Scofield and Gordon the Gopher compere some of the finest cartoons known to humanity like Transformers, The Raccoons and Dungeons and Dragons. Even Super Mario had his own super show, and it seemed that all over the globe marketing executives were sitting around their mahogany boardroom tables, brainstorming what killer toy line or product they could work into a cartoon series next while guzzling Tab Clear. It was a great time to be a kid, I’m sure, at least it felt that way looking back.

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Week of Rage: Closing Statement (of Rage)

Well that’s it, yet another Week of Rage tribute done and dusted. Will I do a third one? Well that depends on how much more content I can find to write about. It’s encouraging to see the Streets of Rage fan community growing over time, so who knows? Perhaps the devoted players will give me more than enough to write about in future.

The reaction to my tribute and Matthew Drury’s Streets of Rage 4 petition has been a real eye-opener. Some of my regular readers and friends signed the petition, letting their nostalgia run riot. Others, decided not to sign it, simply for fear that SEGA would ruin the franchise like it has sadly done to other greats like Golden Axe and Shinobi. It’s fair enough. After all, would you be happy knowing you fuelled the downfall of something you held so dear?

Absolutely heartbreaking.

I remain hopefully optimistic however. The new screens for Sonic the Hedgehog 4 released today are a total hark back to the roots of the series. Even though a new Streets of Rage is miles off SEGAs radar right now, maybe this game is indicative of other classic franchises getting the same treatment? Maybe we’ll see Toe Jam and Earl 4 with Xbox Live capabilities, a new Ecco the Dolphin or hell, even the return of Alex Kidd?

Downloadable content market places such as Steam, Xbox Live Arcade, PSN and Virtual Console have done so much for retro gaming. They are a low-cost, low-risk outlet for studios to break new ground and roll the dice with anything other than a ‘safe’ sell. Just look at Capcom’s Mega Man 9 and 10 sequels. Released as a digital download, the games were never going to make the developer a massive profit, but who cares? It didn’t cost them much to make or market it using Xbox Live Arcade, but in the end, the fan service earned them a lot fo love from gamers.

Pure, unfiltered fan service, the way it should be done

With that in mind I write, just in case, by the smallest miracle that someone from SEGA ever visits my blog – Please SEGA, do the same for us and make a new Streets of Rage in the same style as the old titles. You have nothing to lose after the way you destroyed Golden Axe, Altered Beast and Shinobi. If anything, you will only gain credibility from the gamers that helped fund your early, less stable years. In that regard, you owe us, just as much as we owe you for keeping us entertained for so long.

Thanks again readers, hopefully I’ll see you here again for Week of Rage: Stage 3 if it ever comes around.

Many thanks to all of the contributors who help keep the spirit of Streets of Rage alive today: Yuzoboy, Sidd the Kidd, Gil Costa, Bobi and Rosen, Roel Mastbergen, Bomberlink, Red Rum, the team at OverClocked ReMix,  and last but by no means least, thanks to the tireless efforts of Matthew Drury, you rule man!

All the best,

Dave – Streets of Rage fan since 1991

Jaguar Skills 2-Hour Computer Game DJ Mixtape

If you haven’t heard of superstar DJ Jaguar Skills yet, chances are he’s already heard of you and he’s standing silently behind you as you read this, katana ready to strike. Not only is this guys a DJ, he’s also a self-proclaimed ninja, never taking his mask off at live shows and never giving interviews. Mysterious.

Anyway, the guy is a rising legend in the UK, known for his huge mixtapes and wicked sense of humour. Back in the summer he performed a live two hour video game mixtape for the BBC that is a crazy mash-up of classic video game music and the best that dance, rock and hip hop has to offer. In a word – ‘Brilliant!’

Track listing details and a link to the full download below the cut…

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Lego Call of Duty: Modern Warfare?


Ah, if only…Sorry for the misleading title, but it worked didn’t it? I reckon a Lego Modern Warfare would be one of the greatest cross-overs conceived by a game developer ever. Except this of course.

Instead, I just wanted to show you this brilliant Lego Modern Warfare fan community on Flickr, where fans can post their battle scenes, troopers and other custom Lego creations for all to see. A lot of work has gone into some of the battle scenes, particularly this one.


San Francisco Freebord Tetris: The Making Of…


Big shout out to Jessica Waight at Freebord Manufacturing, the group behind this awesome video that shows a group of 30 freebord skaters hurtling down a San Francisco street at night to re-enact a game of  Tetris.

Jessica kindly got in touch to tell me about this brilliant follow-up mini-documentarythat shows you how the group pulled off the stunt. It really is a feat of intense co-ordination and timing that comes off so well in the final video.

Check out the superb video, then head to the official Freebord website to see more great content.

Waka Waka! Pac-Man Invades Edinburgh


While I was handing out flyers and posters for the Dundee showing of Video Games Live! I spotted this simple but neat piece of street art.

I never noticed until now that after Pac-Man eats those last two dots that old man is next on the menu – RUN MATE!!