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Sample of new book The Faceless

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to write a short book called The Faceless between completing the first Seventh Circle novel and *hopefully* securing an agent/publisher for it.

Well, I started writing The Faceless tonight, and here’s a sample of my super-early, really rough and 99% most-likely-to-change introduction and first chapter. Unlike Seventh Circle, this story employs a first-person narrative structure, and opens with a blog entry from one of my main characters, known only as ‘MB.’

She’s a blogger in an alternative near-future setting who has a fascination with a group of activists called The Faceless – a group of people who can literally have all of their identifying features removed – face, hair, gentials, fingerprints, and even employ DNA and blood scrambling via nanomachines. The movement started out as a life choice, then a peaceful rights movement, and over time it devolved into a terrorist network. This book charts that story of decline, and the perceived invincibility and non-accountability that comes with being anonymous.

My other protagonist is Harper Coleman, a fresh-faced young journalist who is embarking on an internship with popular news feed Apex. When she is taksed with writing a series of features looking at Faceless culture, she discovers a side to their kind she never thought possible and starts to view them in a new light. We find early on that both ‘MB’ and Harper have met before, and their union was the cause of an event that had widespread ramifications.

I’m a gamer, and it’s clear from the book’s introduction that The Faceless will make commentary on the rise of 2014’s #GamerGate movement, the perceived power that comes with internet anonymity, and the true victims of such reckless and corrosive behaviour such as doxxing, harassment and other unfortunate by-products of the Internet.  Continue reading


Week of Rage: Streets of Rage 4 Petition

The aim of this tribute week is to underline the solidarity of Streets of Rage fans across the world. Throughout this week I have posted interviews with only a handful of the passionate people out there devoting their precious time and energy to preserve SEGAs series and compliment it with their own fan works.

Once again I must thank Matthew Drury, creator of Streets of Rage.net, the world’s largest Streets of Rage fan community for his tireless efforts in helping to establish a strong fan base and deliver the game to new generations of fans.

Matthew has also started an online petition that he will one day send to SEGA asking for a fourth game, a brand new sequel to be made. Personally I am behind this 100% and can’t see why SEGA has ignored its fans for so long. For the record, I am a massive SEGA fan, so I mean no disrespect to them in saying that, but you you can firmly count me as one of the people desperate to see them return to the franchise.

So if you have been reading my blog this week and you are a fan of the series. Please take just a moment to sign this petition to help us, the Streets of Rage fan community, to make out long-standing dream become a reality. Thank you.


Week of Rage: Streets of Rage Composer Yuzo Koshiro

If you’ve played any Streets of Rage title you will know that they all feature incredible music. Truly capturing the music industry at the start of the early 90’s, each track is as memorable as the last.

Be it ‘Go Straight’ from Streets of Rage 2’s opening stage to the fierce techno of ‘Streets of Rage 3’s ‘Dub Slash’, every pitch-perfect note is in place thanks to one man, legendary game and television music composer Yuzo Koshiro.

The man, the myth, the legend Yuzo Koshiro himself

Koshiro’s soundtracks were synonymous with so many classic SEGA titles in the 90’s and beyond including all three instalments of Streets of Rage, The Revenge of Shinobi, Shenmue, Story of Thor (Beyond Oasis in the US) and many more. Continue reading

Week of Rage: Beats of Rage By Senile Team

I want to kick things off with a truly remarkable Streets of Rage tribute game developed by the intelligent folk over at indie developer Senile Team. You can read a full interview with the team in the blog post following this one.

Beats of Rage is interesting for many reasons. It’s not only a superb re-imagining of SEGA’s classic series, but it also sparked a brand new fan community that has been developing its own games using OpenBoR, an open source tool created by fans off the back of Beats of Rage.

The official OpenBoR developer community can be found at Lavalit.com and it really is chock-full of side scrolling beat-em-ups and other titles developed using the engine.

I will be looking at a few of these games throughout the Week of Rage: Stage 2, games such as NightSlashers X, Mortal Kombat Unlimited and more.

But first, the game that triggered it all, Beats of Rage. Continue reading

Week of Rage: Stage 2, Ready!

Well hello again intrepid Streets of Rage fan, welcome to my second tribute week to one of the most iconic retro game series ever created.

I wanted to create a second tribute week as I felt I hadn’t explored enough with the first. I had some great interviews with some key players in the Streets of Rage fan community, but how could I possibly cover everything I wanted to in one week?

Simple, I couldn’t. That’s why this week is going to look deeper into the Streets of Rage fan community, to the homebrew developers keeping the spirit of the series alive and other devotees to preserving their memory.

Thanks to Matthew Drury for use of the killer artwork

There are some real treats in store from today right up to Sunday 21st., including interviews with Beats of Rage developer Senile Team, homebrew devs Sidd the Kidd, Rosen and Bobi and Gil Costas, as well as music remixer Yuzoboy and a touching final address from Streets of Rage.net founder Matthew Drury.

Matthew has been central to the both tribute weeks and is one of the biggest key players in the fan community. We thought that we should use this tribute to secure more signatures for his Streets of Rage 4 petition to SEGA.

So please, if you have fond memories of the game like we do, head over to his online petition and sign up. It only takes a second and it’s for a great cause.

Thanks everyone, please enjoy my tribute week. If you are a fan of the games, then this is for you. Please keep the comments coming and let’s get nostalgic!

– Dave (Streets of Rage fan since 1991)