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Sample of new book The Faceless

A while back I mentioned that I wanted to write a short book called The Faceless between completing the first Seventh Circle novel and *hopefully* securing an agent/publisher for it.

Well, I started writing The Faceless tonight, and here’s a sample of my super-early, really rough and 99% most-likely-to-change introduction and first chapter. Unlike Seventh Circle, this story employs a first-person narrative structure, and opens with a blog entry from one of my main characters, known only as ‘MB.’

She’s a blogger in an alternative near-future setting who has a fascination with a group of activists called The Faceless – a group of people who can literally have all of their identifying features removed – face, hair, gentials, fingerprints, and even employ DNA and blood scrambling via nanomachines. The movement started out as a life choice, then a peaceful rights movement, and over time it devolved into a terrorist network. This book charts that story of decline, and the perceived invincibility and non-accountability that comes with being anonymous.

My other protagonist is Harper Coleman, a fresh-faced young journalist who is embarking on an internship with popular news feed Apex. When she is taksed with writing a series of features looking at Faceless culture, she discovers a side to their kind she never thought possible and starts to view them in a new light. We find early on that both ‘MB’ and Harper have met before, and their union was the cause of an event that had widespread ramifications.

I’m a gamer, and it’s clear from the book’s introduction that The Faceless will make commentary on the rise of 2014’s #GamerGate movement, the perceived power that comes with internet anonymity, and the true victims of such reckless and corrosive behaviour such as doxxing, harassment and other unfortunate by-products of the Internet.  Continue reading