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Retrogasm! Alex Kidd in Miracle World: Master System Review


I’ve decided I want to start blogging about retro games more regularly, so that’s exactly what I’m doing with this continuation of my Retrogasm! video series. The clips were a ball-ache to put together so I’m opting for written articles instead.

I wanted to kick off the new round of Retrogasm! with Alex Kidd in Miracle World because it came up during a podcast I guested on recently about our top five games of all time. You should listen to it, it’s insanely Scottish and full of at least five instances of borderline offensive patter. Get your gran round and stick it on, she’ll love it over a pack of Abernathy biscuits and a pot of tea, guaranteed.

So why Alex Kidd? Well, and I say this without a hint of being a hyperbole-riddled prick, I’m certain it was the game that convinced me to get into the hobby at a young age. See, when I was wee my tonsils were insanely prone to infection. They’d swell up to the size of one of those swinging punching bags, and get so raw it actually felt like Mike Tyson was punching fuck out of them. This happened every three or so months without fail and I was sick of it. My parents decided it was time to get them out.

Off I went to the Sick Kid’s hospital here in Edinburgh. It was set up to give wee ones a less-terrifying breed of hospital, with loads of toys and things to keep them occupied through the rough experience. I remember they had a game room through the back with tonnes of things to do, as this was back in the days where post-operation, patients would be kept in hospitals for days, not like now where they’re practically drive-throughs.

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