What is Seventh Circle?

I’m at the point where I’m now actively pitching my first solo novel to agents, and while the book’s website is being built, I felt it was time to try and drum up some awareness.

You can follow the book on Twitter at @the7thcircle and on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/the7thcircle

Any and all support is very much appreciated.

I always elevator pitch Seventh Circle as ‘Breaking Bad meets The Inferno.’ It shares many common threads and characters from that classic tale of Dante, as he journeys through the circles of Hell, but with a drug trade twist.

Basically, if the after-life had a drug problem, what would that look like?

The story opens as three people commit suicide on New Year’s Eve. Dirk is the main protagonist. He murdered his wife and son for reasons unknown, and has become a penniless drunk wanted by the police. As the clock strikes midnight he, and the other two leads kill themselves and awaken in the seventh circle of Hell which, in The Inferno, was reserved for those who take their own life.

It’s a giant city, sitting beneath Earth and above Hell-proper, which is The Inferno’s true depiction of Hell. The city is divided by a great wall. On one side the humans – or The Fallen – as they’re known, live in squalor and are gripped by drug addiction.

On the other, Demonkind live in opulance, pushing a deliberate, controlled influx of drugs into the slums. Though human in appearance, the Demons show no love to The Fallen, and keep them oppressed under their heel.

Dirk and the other two leads find each other by chance in Seventh Circle, a bar that harbours The Fallen and is the front for a new rebel movement that seeks to smash Hell’s drug cartel and tear down the wall that divides the city. They become trained in the art of killing and espionage under the tutelage of the bar’s priopriator; a man with no name or past, but a burning desire to kill Satan and those who dwell withinhis inner circle.

Will Dirk and his comrades earn atonement for their sins, or will the brutal reality of Hell keep their hands bloody forever?


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