I’m making a game called Jettison.

It’s worth pointing out that I can’t code, but as someone who – I think – can string a half-decent sentence together, I’ve decided to make the game in Twine.

Jettison is a text adventure prototype with about four images and three simple but significant branching choices. It’s inspired by the likes of Gone Home and Dear Esther, but primarily the Fighting Fantasy novels of Jackson and Livingstone.

The prototype was initially planned as quite long and over-ambitious, with a decision flow chart that I’d never get around to finishing. Therefore; I’ve decided to pare it back to the base concept with a view to working with an actual game developer to make it into something bigger.

What is it?

Jettison has two active characters. It’s set on a small space craft in warp. Its three-strong crew is currently sleeping in their individual cryo-tubes.

Unknown to them; the ship is hurtling towards a black hole. They maybe have an hour to live at most. The situation is dire.

The vessel has been comandeered and pointed towards the hole by an all-powerful, immortal entity. It sees all; knows all, except one thing: it does not know what it means to fear death. It cannot die, and the concept of mortality and living fascinates it. It is a thing obsessed.

Enter the player: the ship’s maintanence droid. The robot has no independent thought, and no capacity for acting on its own, yet this entity has given it full sentience, purely to see how a being with no past life; no previous ethical and moral inclination, or understanding of the human condition, approaches the concept of living. It is a new-born.

The entity gives the droid a choice: jettison two of the three crew into space; surely killing them, within the hour and the entity will safely point the ship back to Earth. That’s it. It’s a simple decision that you can make instantly to ‘win’ the game.

However; you are free to wander the vessel’s several rooms, observe your surroundings, read crew journals and better understand who these people are, what they are like and what their expedition involved. The idea is that your final decision will become much harder and painful the more you understand their lives.

Ultimately; you’ll come to learn that these three people – each of them – are perhaps the most important humans who have ever lived; but only if you choose to learn that. How much you dig into the matter is entirely up to you.

When can I try it?
When it’s done essentially. I’m new to game development and while Twine is hardly ‘true’ game creation there’s going to be a fair bit of writing involved in my spare time. I’ll post updates whenever I feel it’s time to share stuff.

So that’s the base concept. Now I just have to write it. Please do let me know what you think below.

Game intro:

The flow of time escapes me now.

How long has it been?

I have observed the passing of countless worlds. For aeons, civilizations have twisted and faded into obscurity like leaves lost on some surging tide.

Yet I do not understand the concept of life, for I have only witnessed mortality at a distance.

It fascinates me.

What does it mean to exist as a living vessel capable of death? That is the universe’s final mystery, the one puzzle even I have yet to solve.

I do not pretend to understand my own existence, or why I have endured for so long, but now I have a rare opportunity to understand the concept of life.

Now I have you.


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