Seventh Circle: ‘Love Town’

(A few paras redacted to avoid spoilers, but this is the start of Seventh Circle, chapter 14. Should only be six to go)

They called it ‘Love Town.’

Whoever came up with the name must have had either a wicked sense of irony, or the definition of the word ‘love’ was truly lost on them. It was an area of the Fallen district that spread about eight city blocks in each direction, and played home to the biggest and best-quality brothels in town. The men and women that peddled there were of a different class; clean, honest and expensive, frequented by human and Demon patrols alike.

 Dirk walked the streets of Love Town and felt a pang of disappointment in his gut. It was tacky; bathed in a sustained neon glow that went on for miles, lined with women and men either dancing in booths or hustling for work by the road. Over the sound of drunken patrons staggering between one blowjob and the next, strange electronic beats and loud chatter could be heard. There was no sense of direction or longevity in this place. All that mattered was the next round of sexual release, without any consideration for the consequences or the next day’s remorse. When ‘D’ trips weren’t enough, Love Town was only a few hours walk away.

It was something to depend on, at least.


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