Seventh Circle novel: Chapter 2 excerpt

“Jesus fucking christ!”
Dirk’s pace was stopped short as a man’s body fell from the sky and collided with the road next to him with a sickening crunch. The impact was too soft to suggest he had just fallen from Earth, but it was strong enough to kill him. It was clear that this person had just committed suicide again, perhaps to end his suffering in the city. None of the Fallen around Dirk seemed to notice what had happened, and Dirk’s cries for help in trying to resuscitate him fell on deaf ears. Regardless, he stooped over the corpse and shook it to try and get a response, but the pool of blood spilling from underneath his body suggested that all attempts were futile. Dirk stopped shaking the man as he stared at his feet. He then felt sick as he realised they both had similarly-sized feet.
Could he really do it? Could he steal a dead man’s shoes and still look himself in the eye? He remained bare-foot after all and with no money in his pocket, there was nothing stopping him from simply claiming the trainers as his own. Disgusted at himself, Dirk fought against his aching bones as he lifted the man’s legs and unlaced his shoes. He also pulled the fellow’s bloodied jacket off each arm and put it on. He could feel the wetness of the man’s blood seeping into his dirty white t-shirt. He resisted the urge to vomit and with his feet now warming in his newly-acquired trainers, he kept going.

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