New Comic: Bust

Bust Front Cover

I’m happy to announce after months of work and frustration that my first independent comic has entered production. It’s called Bust and it stars a blackjack dealer fighting for survival in post-apocalyptic Los Angeles. I’ve teamed up with the incredibly talented <a href=";

target=”_blank”>Chris O’ Toole on the artwork. You can check out Chris’s portfolio site here for more samples of his work.

It’s a 30-page comic that may get a sequel should the first release prove successful, and I may or may not run a Kickstarter campaign at some point to fund printed copies. It could be that I just submit it to ComiXology as a cheap download on iTunes.

There’s a lot left to figure out but the script is done and the art process has begun. It’ll be some time before it releases but here we are, it’s happening for sure.

Good times.


(PS: If you have an ideas of what you would like to receive as part of Kickstarter funding tiers, please share your thoughts below. I’m all ears.)


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