Falling Star

“I had the dream again.”

“It starts with me waking up in the dead of night. Like a shot I get out of bed, dress myself and leave the house.”

“It’s cold outside but I don’t feel it. At all. Without hesitation I just walk, as if being beckoned.”

“I walk for hours until I reach the coast and there, hanging over the bay is a giant star shining brightly.”

“This star isn’t like the others. It’s close and it speaks to me without making a sound.”

“Mouth open and wide eyes stinging from the cold wind I stand there and listen to what the star has to tell me.”

“It tells me that everything happens for a reason and that I shouldn’t be worried. What’s done is done and there’s no going back.”

“Then it shows me vivid imagery, scenes from lives unlived. Lives that could have been mind had I made different choices along the path.”

“It shows me colours I’ve never seen before, people I’ll never meet and places I’ll never see in my lifetime. The star is wise. It knows more than I ever will.”

“I cry, but it’s not through sorrow or regret. The vastness of reality overwhelms me.”

“I’m told that these lives are being lived far from here, through the fabric of time and space itself, in realities parallel to our own.”

“Slowly I nod as I understand how insignificant my actions are. Not just here but in the grand scheme of existence itself.”

“But upon realising this, the star stops talking to me. The visions fade into the dark.”

“Then the star starts to fall.”

“It grows large as it crashes through the atmosphere, lighting up the sky a deep shade of crimson.”

“Did I cross a line?”

“Was I not supposed to simply accept my fate?”

“As if broken from the star’s spell I turn slowly to see thousands of others around me, coming back to reality after their fleeting moment of clarity.”

“Together we stand and watch as the star, this entity that has slept undisturbed in the sky for millennia has finally chosen to descend.”

“It bears down on us all. But we’re not sad or fearful. None of us are.”

“Just as the heat from the star begins to corrode the planet I wake up. I never see it collide with Earth.”

“I usually get back to sleep afterwards. I wake up hours later in time for work, I go through the daily motions as usual.”

“But some part of the dream lingers.”

“What if one day I just said ‘no’ and chased a different life?”

“Would the star continue to fall?”


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