Overload Issue #1


So, I just became a published graphic novel story writer, which feels kind of awesome, and by ‘kind of’ I mean ‘fucking’.

The short story is called Comfort and it’s part of a big compilation of short, twisted tales from tons of insanely talented writers and artists called Overload.

You can pick up the first issue at the Kapow! Comic convention on Saturday 19th of May, priced at £4 and online TBA.

If you’re at the convention and you’re an artist, the mastermind behind Overload, Martin Conaghan will be there to promote the novel and review portfolios for the next issue, so of you want in, you know what to do.

I’ve chucked the first page above for you to sample, and like all shorts in Overload, comes with a mad twist. You can preview the entire issue over at Martin’s site Copydesk please do check it out as its rather stunning.

Watch this space for info on my second story, which is already finished 🙂

Thanks dudes.


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