Keep the change ya filthy animal


You know what annoys me? The scene from Home Alone where plucky negligence case Kevin sledges down his staircase, out the front door and into the snow dunes outside.

What is a fun little skit that has entertained millions every Christmas is actually one of the most blatant movie gaffes in movie history. Why? Because Kevin would have been killed faster you could say “keep the change ya filthy animal”.

Watch the scene again and you’ll see the error in motion. Kevin takes a moment to line up his sled with the door, by way of a handy first person viewpoint that only underlines the gaffe.

You can see that there is no way in hell he’s getting through that door without hitting the wall. But as he barrels down the stair hollering as loudly as his privileged lungs can muster, he makes the shot, and flies out into the street without a scratch.

It’s impossible, and I don’t want to get hung up on it because hey, it’s a fun movie and I really like it, but the slim chances of Kevin’s success are right there on the screen.

It’s like Kevin is actively trying to kill himself. He’s all alone in the world, scared of his demonic boiler and dangerously jumped up on sugar. He wasn’t trying to sledge outside, he was trying to kamikaze his ass to hell.

Or as I said before, it’s just a fun movie, and it’s not as if it has any basis in reality.

I mean, thats not even Joe Pesci’s actual hat

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