Week of Rage: Streets of Rage 4 Petition

The aim of this tribute week is to underline the solidarity of Streets of Rage fans across the world. Throughout this week I have posted interviews with only a handful of the passionate people out there devoting their precious time and energy to preserve SEGAs series and compliment it with their own fan works.

Once again I must thank Matthew Drury, creator of Streets of Rage.net, the world’s largest Streets of Rage fan community for his tireless efforts in helping to establish a strong fan base and deliver the game to new generations of fans.

Matthew has also started an online petition that he will one day send to SEGA asking for a fourth game, a brand new sequel to be made. Personally I am behind this 100% and can’t see why SEGA has ignored its fans for so long. For the record, I am a massive SEGA fan, so I mean no disrespect to them in saying that, but you you can firmly count me as one of the people desperate to see them return to the franchise.

So if you have been reading my blog this week and you are a fan of the series. Please take just a moment to sign this petition to help us, the Streets of Rage fan community, to make out long-standing dream become a reality. Thank you.


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