Week of Rage: Bare Knuckle Mobile

If you’re lucky enough to live in Japan, you will have been one of the first to play SEGAs ‘new’ Streets of Rage title, bare Knuckle Mobile. I say ‘new’ because it’s actually a remake of the first game with sprites and move-sets ripped from Streets of Rage 2.

That’s not to say it isn’t an interesting concept and for a mobile title, the visuals are pretty decent, with each stage given a graphical touch-up. The screen shudder effect when you throw enemies is even more violent this time too, giving your grapple moves that bit more weight.

Check out this gameplay footage:

Nice huh? Although the soundtrack simply can’t stack up, kudos must go to the developer for trying to replicate Yuzo Koshiro’s songs with the technology available to them.

The game features all three original characters, Axel, Blaze and Adam, as well as the classic Murphy power ups.

Let’s just hope it sees a UK release soon, I’d love to get to grips with this game someday.

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