Week of Rage: OpenBoR Showcase – Splatterhouse Trilogy

Ah good old Splatterhouse. I remember these games on the Mega Drive back in the day and although I never played them in the early 90’s, I did do some catching up lately. They are great games, really tapping into the shlock-horror movie culture. All the cliches are there, giant hatchets, hockey masks, shuffling ghouls, floating furniture and more.

If you’re a fan, I’d highly recommend the Splatterhouse Trilogy on OpenBoR, which three new Splatterhouse titles all rolled into one neat package.You can download the full set or each of the individual chapters; Deception of the Mask, Journey Through Hell and Back to Light.

Developer Orochi X has based each part of the trilogy on parts of the original games, all dolled up with a fresh lick of graphical clout. It’s also a proper side scroller now, with depth of field, special attacks and more. if you like your retro, you will love this.

Download the Splaterhouse Trilogy on OpenBoR from Lavalit here.

Gameplay Footage:


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