Week of Rage: Open BoR Showcase – Dungeons and Dragons

Now this is something truly special. You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a big fan of both Sega and Capcom Side-scrolling beat em ups. One of Capcom’s early scrappers was Knights of the Round, a fantasy hack n slash based on King Arthur and his crew of bastard-hard knights. it featured a levelling-up system, spells and a slew of combo attacks.

Here’s a screenshot. It may not look awesome, but trust me, it is. Seek it out on Kawaks emulator and give it a whirl.

So Dungeons and Dragons on OpenBoR is a similar premise, but with painfully detailed backgrounds, slick, chunky animated sprites, as well as hard hitting combos and magic. Developed by modder Bonus JZ, it is a truly epic title.

The game isn’t out yet, but if you head over to the Lavalit forums you can keep an eye on its progress and get regular updates from Bonus JZ.

Some Screens:

The video below shows a boss fight that is full of punch and weight. It’s not quite the same as squaring off against a giant monster in something like God of War III but it’s still impressive. I can’t wait for the first demo to go live. Rest assured, I’ll be blogging about it when it does.

Gameplay footage:

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