Week of Rage: EvE Engine Demo Round-Up

You may have seen the my previous post about EvE Engine, the superb new development kit created by Gil Costa. It’s a neat tool that homebrew developers can use to create their very own side-scrolling beat-em-ups similar to Streets of Rage, rammed full of awesome visual trickery.

Gil has kindly allowed me to host a collection of demo videos that shows the EvE Engine at work. The first game to be developed on the format is Streets of Rage Evolution by Sidd the Kidd, which is not to be confused with these videos. You can catch my interview with Sidd on Friday where he discusses this superb new project.

I’ll open with this hilarious tech demo that shows a shopping cart race between Streets of Rage 2’s Stage 5 boss R.Bear and Stage 8 sub-boss Bear Jr.

I really like this video as it shows the potential for creating chase stages similar to the revamped bridge level in Streets of Rage Remake, complete with bike chase section:

The next video is very impressive, as it shows off a range of visual and audio warping effects in Streets of Rage 2’s alien stage. The effect could go to great use in games, perhaps as a result of poison gas or in this case, the knock on effect of Max’s voice….

…Just roll with it OK šŸ˜‰

Nice. There’s great potential for what this and similar effects could be used for. The same goes for the neat footprint effect in this beach demo. Not only does it imprint footsteps in the sand, but it also leaves tracks and dust trails whenever a player slides along the ground.

I just want to know what Galsia is doing standing in the water.

Now this is some seriously cool stuff. Watch greased-up wrestler Abadede take on a squad of Galsias. Some of the effects used here are brilliant. The bit at 0:13 seriously kicks ass.

OK so this next video isn’t Golden Axe, but it’s a neat test to prove how well the platform detection in EvE Engine works. Kudos for perfectly emulating the original game too. This video shows how closely the engine can replicate existing titles.

Go Gillius Go!

Now this next one is a bit special. OK sure it’s Final Fight, long-standing rival to Streets of Rage, but the way that players can control a character in the back ground is interesting. Note the tiny Mike Haggar in the back ground. I also like the way the players switch planes by walking into the subway train. This could be an interesting way at conveying a true depth of field in side scrollers.

These videos are just the surface of what the EvE Engine can do. As Gil, along with his collaborators, work on the program and implement new features, it wil be interesting to see how accomplished the final kit is at release.

Now to cap this post off, a very techie video that shows the engine at work. Many thanks to Gil and Sidd the Kidd for proving all the information for this post.


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