Week of Rage: Contender – Turtles in Time

Cowabunga! Ok that wasn’t cool, but this game certainly was back in the day. Released on the SNES across Europe in 1992, this title was similar to Streets of Rage, but wasn’t quite as deep. What it was however, was a riot in two player, with a simplistic fighting mechanic and loads of stages.


Indeed. So awesome in fact that Ubisoft comissioned a remake on Xbox Live in honour of the 25th anniversary of the characters. It’s a lovely HD remake complete with new visuals. Still, I always prefered the turtles when they had pupils, not sure why.

I digress…

So to commemorate this brilliant and incredibly nostalgic title, here’s a new video blog. Enjoy and keep the comments coming šŸ™‚

If you played this game and enjoyed it, please let me know, I’m a bit of a Turtles fan. I’m keen to see what people liked about the game.


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