Week of Rage: Stage 2, Ready!

Well hello again intrepid Streets of Rage fan, welcome to my second tribute week to one of the most iconic retro game series ever created.

I wanted to create a second tribute week as I felt I hadn’t explored enough with the first. I had some great interviews with some key players in the Streets of Rage fan community, but how could I possibly cover everything I wanted to in one week?

Simple, I couldn’t. That’s why this week is going to look deeper into the Streets of Rage fan community, to the homebrew developers keeping the spirit of the series alive and other devotees to preserving their memory.

Thanks to Matthew Drury for use of the killer artwork

There are some real treats in store from today right up to Sunday 21st., including interviews with Beats of Rage developer Senile Team, homebrew devs Sidd the Kidd, Rosen and Bobi and Gil Costas, as well as music remixer Yuzoboy and a touching final address from Streets of Rage.net founder Matthew Drury.

Matthew has been central to the both tribute weeks and is one of the biggest key players in the fan community. We thought that we should use this tribute to secure more signatures for his Streets of Rage 4 petition to SEGA.

So please, if you have fond memories of the game like we do, head over to his online petition and sign up. It only takes a second and it’s for a great cause.

Thanks everyone, please enjoy my tribute week. If you are a fan of the games, then this is for you. Please keep the comments coming and let’s get nostalgic!

– Dave (Streets of Rage fan since 1991)


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