Jaguar Skills 2-Hour Computer Game DJ Mixtape

If you haven’t heard of superstar DJ Jaguar Skills yet, chances are he’s already heard of you and he’s standing silently behind you as you read this, katana ready to strike. Not only is this guys a DJ, he’s also a self-proclaimed ninja, never taking his mask off at live shows and never giving interviews. Mysterious.

Anyway, the guy is a rising legend in the UK, known for his huge mixtapes and wicked sense of humour. Back in the summer he performed a live two hour video game mixtape for the BBC that is a crazy mash-up of classic video game music and the best that dance, rock and hip hop has to offer. In a word – ‘Brilliant!’

Track listing details and a link to the full download below the cut…

Out of the two hour set, expect to hear musical cameos from Alex Kidd, Mortal Kombat, Mario Bros, Street Fighter II, Parappa the Rapper, Rally X, complete with radio skits from the Grand Theft Auto series, a guitar hero tribute section and 8-bit remixes of hit rap songs from Jay-Z, Ludacris and Kanye West.

Admittedly, this is old news for gamers in the UK, but as I was listening to this while writing my Assassin’s Creed II review (check back on Friday for the full review!) I though I’d share it with gamers coming to this blog from outside the country.

You can download the whole 2 hour mix here – Have fun and be sure to come back and let me know what bits you liked best.


(That’s his catchphrase by the way, I’m not insane or anything)


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