The Week of Rage is Coming: 7th – 13th December

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This blog started out as a sort of online portfolio for all of my published games journalism to date in the hope that I would show it to a big magazine or website and land a job. But unknown to me, this blog kind of has become a job on top of the million things I do in tandem.

So, because I haven’t officially launched the site yet and also because it’s my favourite retro game of all time, I’ve decided to hold a theme week for Streets of Rage entitled ‘The Week of Rage’.

For seven days, The Cookbook will be rammed-full of Streets of Rage content, interviews with developers of tribute games, the fan community, fan art galleries, quotes from fans of the games, a hilarious Youtube Streets of Rage 3 drama series, rare footage of the planned 4th game and much, much, much, much more.

Trust me, this will be huge and of great interest if you know your Galsia from your Y. Signal, or your Abadede from your Shiva. Lost and confused yet?

Please note that The Cookbook has a new section just for The Week of Rage and over the next few days, I’ll be posting up the official, fully-confirmed event line-up for you to check out. Head there and check out what great things I have in store for my fellow Streets of Rage fans.

One response to “The Week of Rage is Coming: 7th – 13th December

  1. sounds like some good stuff

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