Nickelback Wikipedia Page Vandalism Marathon


OK, I know that this has absolutely nothing to do with gaming, but it’s still something that I think you might get a kick out of. The creative and of course very funny folk over at College Humour have noticed something of a trend over at the official Wikipedia page of trite-rock also-rans Nickelback.

It seems that the Canadian four-piece just can’t catch a break on Wikipedia thanks to constant edits from people who loathe the band. Some nonsensical, others hilarious and you can see them all in one place thanks to a handy video created by College Humour that you can view here.

Once you have watched the Wikipedia clip, check out the below video for further proof of the creative shortcomings of Nickelback.

One response to “Nickelback Wikipedia Page Vandalism Marathon

  1. I really love this band, the music that I like most is
    rockstar. kisses to everyone in the band ♥

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